We source, procure & customize products as per your requirement , specification and drawing in grade stainless steel ,Duplex & Super duplex,titanium,Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, 17/4 PH , Copper, Brass....

Company Profile

We Multinox overseas Act as "Your Sourcing Enterprise from India” engaged in procument & Export Business. We are Family owned Buisness. We love Sourcing If it's out there we'll find it, and if it's not we'll design and create it ourselves. Because we're totally committed to providing innovative, high-quality products to support your requirements… We pride ourselves on our friendly yet professional approach, taking excellent care of our customers throughout the buying process. We ensure that all our partner suppliers share our ethical and environmental ideals and we work together to create new and exciting products that meet all conformity and safety requirements.

Instead of asking the question "What does it cost to do business with MULTINOX?", you should ask the question "What could it cost not to engage with a company like MULTINOX."

What We Do – multinox overseas is Your Sourcing Partner

Multinox overseas offers personalized attention to companies that are seeking creative sourcing solutions for their manufacturing needs. MO can facilitate you to source the right companies producing the components & the best communication process between you and the company, saving your time and possible frustration, while enabling you to take advantage of cost savings and logistics management. We serve customers in a number of industries like industrial, consumer, medical, automotive agricultural.

Benefit of working with us:

If you read Benefits in our website, it will quickly become clear the financial losses that you could incur extensive trying to deal with direct manufacturers on your own, something most purchasing managers and inventors will confirm from their experiences. We are here to eliminate those risks for you at marginal costs. Actually, in most cases,

our customers do not even feel the impact of the service fees we charge since we can negotiate better prices locally in India and extend them to you.

MULTINOX Overseas an operate on very low margins due to the fact that minimum order quantities (MOQs) are required and that we deal in bulk manufacturing quantities.

The cost of doing business with multinox has never been an issue with any of our customers worldwide, especially when they realize the tremendous benefits and peace of mind resulting from outsourcing their product development and manufacturing need with us.

  • We identify and match RIGHT manufacturers to your specific needs
  • We conduct on-site factory inspections to confirm their capabilities
  • We locally negotiate pricing more efficiently on behalf of our customers
  • Nothing gets lost in translation! We communicate on your behalf
  • We offer prototype, CAD design and prototype engineering services
  • We offer custom manufacturing and sourcing under contract
  • We design and produce custom packaging & custom containers
  • We perform additional on-site quality control at the end of production runs
  • We custom package and custom label to optimize shipping rates
  • We improve shipping logistics and shipping rates
  • We escrow your money by only paying the factory after satisfactory quality control
  • We offer complete supply chain management services in India
  • We become your eyes and ears in India and always act in your best interest by offering the OUR BEST services all time
And we do it ethically. We aim to include an eco solution with all our responses without any compromise on quality. And we try to ensure that all our items are 'human friendly' too. What's more, we don't just take someone's word for it - we audit factories and check appropriate certification ourselves because we believe that a responsible, long-term and hands-on approach works out better for everybody

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